Elder Nelson Browning

Elder Nelson Browning
President and Sister Van Cott

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Last... Melon...

I'm not sure any of us thought this day would ever come. haha. No promises about emailing next week... If I have extra time it'll probably be spent working on transfers.
So! I'm trying to go out with a bang. Unfortunately there have been really good and really bad bangs this week... I'll start with the good.
We started teaching a couple more people this past week! Cameron has a friend name Steffan that is very interested and has a lot of questions. He was sincere and honest and wants to find truth, not just some church that seems decent to him. We gave him a Book of Mormon but by the time we were leaving he wanted a triple so that he could have references to the revelations from Joseph Smith. He lives in Hemet though, so he really should go to church down there.
We also started teaching a gril named Delicia. She's lived a super rough life but really wants to change her life around. She has been to other churches but feels like they all are missing something or wrong in some way. She talked about how she wants the happiness that she sees in us. She has a lot of addictions to overcome, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
The other good thing is I'm trying to do every little thing right. There are so many little rules that missionaries have that I just have not been consistent about keeping. The big ones are easy but even murming about a leader or other missionary is so easy to start doing. So I'm trying to have these last two weeks be as obedient as possible.
So. The ugly. Or bad. Or whatever. I'm not sure how to say it besides being blunt... Elder Rosa went home. He's healthy, but a ton of stuff happened and President asked him if he wanted to stay or go home. After a couple days of serious thinking he decided to go home  and was on a plane Saturday morning. So it's been a hectic week. I had to help move other missionaries around on Saturday so that I would have a companion for this last week. So I'm with Elder Molesworth. He's going to be the next AP with Elder Bolingbroke since the other is going home along with me. So I'm teaching him some of the office stuff so that he has a headstart next transfer.
I had my departing interview with President. We talked for like an hour. It was pretty cool. There's so much I need to permanently apply to my life that I've learned from my mission.
Well. I have to go - it's 6 o clock. My flight number is 4456 to terminal 2 I believe. Dunno if that matters or not. haha.
I love you guys. Thanks for your support over these past 2 years! Ryan's fast for sure helped me out on Saturday. I definitely needed it. so thanks :)
In case I don't get to email next week... well. I'll see you next week anyways. :)
Elder Nelson S. Browning

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